Black Magic Equaliser Twin Pin Pro Gimbal and Harness Set Standard


The Black Magic Equaliser Twin Pin Pro Gimbal and Harness Set makes it easier to battle your dream fish. The lightweight harness/webbing can be worn all day, then simply slip on the new Twin Pro Pin Plate in seconds when the fish strikes! It allows you to apply greater pressure on the fish without increasing strain on your back, arms and legs. The padding on the gimbal belt is very comfortable and gives better blood circulation during long fights. The harness design provides you with a stronger product that is lighter and less bulky than other alternatives.

The Twin Pin Pro Gimbal Plate
As the name suggests, the Black Magic Equaliser Twin Pin Pro Gimbal Plate has two pins; one in the traditional recessed position, and a new pin in the front of the rod bucket. Now you can have maximum leverage whether using a straight butt or a bent butt rod, without the need for an adaptor. Simply choose the best pin for your style of rod and you are fishing without restrictions.