Bluewater Skirt 10″ Plunger Trolling Lure Purple/ Black


Trolling for Tuna, Wahoo and other high-speed pelagic species? The Bluewater Trolling Game Lure features a supple silicone skirt, fish-catching colours and creates a unique action that mimics baitfish. Choose between popper or plunger head styles to suit your needs.

This 25.4cm (10in) version could accommodate a two hook shackle rig, however, if the gauge of the hook is heavy this could dampen the action of the lure. It is recommended that chafe tube is used over the leader through the lure head to avoid abrasion, and a stopper used above the rigging inside the lure skirt to stop the rigging pressing against the head at the point of connection.

Plunger – is a Kona style angled head that will have more movement and an aggressive head shake.