Cush-It All Species Rod Butt Cushion Medium


The Cush-It All Species Rod Butt Cushion is a simple solution to difficult problems. Easy to use, lightweight and durable, this premium foam fishing rod accessory is designed to float your fishing rod, cushion you from your rod butt, improve rod sensitivity, and make your fishing experience more enjoyable.

Float most rods
Let’s face it, good fishing rods, reels, line and tackle are not cheap! So why would you risk your expensive fishing pole and lures going overboard, never to be seen again. Cush-It is designed to float, giving you a peace of mind… and even improve your fishing!

No more bruises
Fighting gamefish can put a lot of brute force against your body. Cush-It is also designed to grip and bend into the body to protect you from that force. The bulbous end absorbs the shock, isolating the rod butt from you. It’s tapered on the interior to fit and grip any size rod butt. You can hold the rod anywhere on your body. Using the ball end as pivot point to add leverage. Cush-it also protects the boat floor and seat cushions from gouges scratches, and rips that a bare gimbal can make.

Improves rod sensitivity
Although it’s designed to be lightweight, Cush-It’s tiny bit of weight balances your rod creating more tip sensitivity.

All Species model
The Cush-It All Species Rod Butt Cushion is an all-around bruise stopper. It offers the tapered interior and the rod butt goes deeper into the bulbous end. It’s a great choice for general use and for smaller gamefish.