Oceans Legacy Mini Long Contact 30gm #8 Pink Glow


The Ocean’s Legacy Mini Long Contact Rigged Jig 30gm Pink Glow is an original design and field tested in Australia and New Zealand waters. This centre weighted jig features specially designed eyes and centre ridge glow grooves to create vibration and turbulence for maximum action. These jigs are sleek styled to provide fast descent yet enticing to the fish. The Mini Long Contact is designed for fast jigging, but is also suitable for slow pitch jigging in fast moving current situations.

Its ultra high quality Japanese “Digital Laser Foil” with multi-coat UV shimmer not only add a visually appealing element but also enhance its durability, making it a long-lasting addition to your tackle box. The Mini Long Contact Jig comes pre-rigged with Ocean’s Legacy BKK Custom Stinger Twin Assist Hooks designed to ensure that your catch stays securely attached.