Shimano SpeedMaster LD II 20 2-Speed Overhead Reel


If you’re looking for a near-top end performance reel without the high price tag, the Shimano SpeedMaster LD II 20 2-Speed Overhead Reel is a great choice. Its rigid, single-piece Hagane Concept frame and gears ensure your efforts are directed into cranking power – fighting fish rather than against any torque. The reel’s smooth operation is assisted by four S-ARB bearings that are shielded from water ingress. Two-speed gearing enables you to quickly retrieve your bait or lures using the higher gear ratio. And when a big fish is hooked and you need to have a powerful retrieve to get the stubborn fish in, simply use the lower gear. On top of all this, the compact Shimano SpeedMaster LD II 20 2-Speed Overhead Reel can also be cast, making it a multi-purpose reel that will slot right in to a number of offshore fishing scenarios. Make this reel the newest addition to your fishing arsenal.