Tiagra 80W + Status Bluewater Game 24/37kg Detach B/Butt R/T Rod Combo


Shimano’s Tiagra reels have re-written the rules of game fishing. As we all know one of the fundamental aspects of this sport is that the fish we seek are capable of fighting for hours repeatedly making long runs that can really heat up a drag. Heat build-up can cause the settings to change leading to insufficient pressure being put on a fish or at worst a broken line. Fortunately Shimano’s hydrothermal Drag System automatically compensates for any heat build-up thereby maintaining the original drag setting. What’s more the Tiagra’s prelubricated graphite drag washer is impervious to salt water and will always operate smoothly.


Status Blue Water range is now a combination of the much vaunted Status Bent Butt and classic Tiagra rods- combined under the Status Blue Water banner.