Viking Espri Kayak


The Espri delivers class leading performance in the waves, on the ocean and lakes, fishing or just cruising. The Espri glides through the water so much easier than other brands this size, making it a joy to use.

Like all of the Viking family kayaks, the Espri comes standard with Safety Lines fitted around the sides. This important safety feature makes it much easier to reboard the Kayak.

It’s the ultimate all-rounder offering maneuverability, speed, and stability in a package the whole family can paddle. The seating position puts your heels lower than your seat, this makes it very comfortable.

Large rear well provides adequate space for a child, the family dog or a dry bag with extra gear.

Two hatches, the one infront of the seat is easy to access while paddling, and has a bucket inside to prevent your small items getting lost inside the hull. The forward hatch provides access to the bow for added storage.

Two rod holders are fitted, you can use one for your fishing rod and the other for your net or gaff. The Espri is very stable to fish from and because it glides through the water so easily, you can venture a little futher than smaller kayaks.

Choose the Espri if you’re looking for the most versatile performer that will put a smile on your face whether you’re cruising for a couple of lazy hours, larking in the waves, or flicking out a line for dinner.

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